5 Examples of Successful Filipino Restaurant Chains in the United States

While American trademarks of fast food have taken a small grip in the Philippine market, many Filipinos have not climbed on board with the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC. Filipino-owned food franchises have seen marvelous accomplishment and financial development in the United States generating billions of dollars each year.

Filipino-owned fast food chains

Filipino restaurants have seen a lot of success from American customers

Following is a list of the top 5 successful Filipino based restaurant chains operating in the USA.

Jollibee – one of the largest Filipino-owned fast food chains

Jollibee Foods Corporation, broadly identified as Jollibee, is a fast-food restaurant chain situated in the Philippines. Since December 2007, Jollibee has developed into one of the major fast-food chains with 1,655 restaurants globally. Jollibee has become a fast growing restaurant in the United States earning over $ 1 billion. Jollibee’s success is derived from multiple aspects, such as:

  • Client focus: The market is so vibrant and fast-changing, so they do a lot of investigating. When Jollibee was first starting out, they had little research finances and directly asked clients their desires and requirements.
  • Culture: Jollibee makes sure the entire organization shares their apparitions and ethics, meaning all clients are a part of that. Their business values are superiority, a spirit of fun, modesty to discover and take note, honesty, frugality, reverence for the individual, and fellowship. Any person who is not a fit to all that, is removed from the business. They consider their staff to be fully engaged and dedicated.
  • Spirit, family and fun: Among Jollibee’s core ethics are harmony and team work. They now have more than 40,000 workers; approximately 4,000 who are supervisors. If you take into account the other brands, they have in excess of 60,000 workers.

Chowking – A Successful Filipino-owned Restaurant Chain

Purchased by the Jollibee Company, Chowking is a Filipino-owned fast-food business that serves up Chinese food. Central dishes can be bought as individual dishes with an assortment of side dishes, like noodles and rice, or bought as a big family-style dish. Fried chicken is an additional central menu item.

Greenwich Pizza – A Popular Filipino Pizza Parlor

Another successful Filipino-owned restaurant chain in the United States is Greenwich Pizza. Presenting both a sit-down eatery and delivery, Greenwich Pizza contains unusual pizzas that would suit both American and Filipino appetites. Apart from their loaded pizza recipes, the Greenwich franchise also serves pasta, chicken, and a selection of side dishes.

Max’s Restaurant

A fast-food chain that was birthed in World War 2 in the Philippines, Max’s presents an extensive collection of dishes. The chain provides breakfast all day, but also serves up sandwiches and fried chicken. This chain presents individual dishes or fixed menus for family, of up to 10 people.

Pancake House

An additional Filipino-owned restaurant is the home-grown option of the Pancake House. Formerly started in 1970, they stretched out rapidly following a business takeover in 2000. Breakfast plates, pancakes and waffles are some of the most popular dishes served by the Pancake House offering a great environment for the family.

5 Ways Mark Cuban Proved That Entrepreneurs Makes the Best Basketball Team Owners

Mark Cuban has lucratively built and sold numerous businesses over the years. He is valued at an approximate $ 2.5 billion following the sale of his business, “Broadcast.com” for $ 5.9 billion. He is also the proprietor of Dallas Mavericks NBA Basketball team. Cuban is a self-made billionaire and is a prime example of how basketball team owners make some of the greatest entrepreneurs.

1. Mark Cuban knows How to Sell

One of Cuban’s well recognized quotes is “Sales cure all”.  Essentially, if a business is struggling, the actual cause can perpetually be traced back to sales. A prime example of this was when Cuban was working at business called, “Your Business Software”. He productively concluded a deal which his boss instructed him not to do. His boss was infuriated and he lost his work as a result. He understood that even though his boss was in charge, he didn’t know how to successfully sell a product. As a result, Cuban’s recently found power was in selling.

2. He is Superior at Spotting Prospects and Potential

Cuban began spotting potential at a young age. He once worked at a business called, “Micro Solutions”. As part of his work, he one day visited a business called “PC Direct”. While he was chatting to the owner of “PC Direct” he observed the potential and apparition this young owner had in mind for the future. He told the young owner that he was going places. That gentleman was none other than Michael Dell. Everyone knows how his future turned out, as he secured a place in the market with the ‘’big boys’’, such as Apple and Microsoft.

As a flourishing entrepreneur, Cuban continually searches for potential and prominence. He is involved in a show called “Shark Tank” where he invests his innovative ideas and activities that seem promising.

3. He Comprehends that He Must Work Harder than the Next Person

The one aspect that you can manage is your job ethic and Mark makes certain that he is the best in his field. Cuban says that you have to know the trade that you are in, superior than anyone else. He believes you should learn, exist and breathe it.

Previously in his profession when he was first working for Micro Solutions he was earning around $60,000 a year. He was doing fine but he desired more. Cuban says he devoted himself to learn everything, so that he would be capable to get an edge above his competitors. Cuban is always on the track to be the specialist in his trade. He comprehends that perseverance certainly pays off in the end.

4. He Constructs Companies That are Built to Last

Mark believes that numerous entrepreneurs are too fixed on the idea of an exit plan. He believes that the finest way to construct a business that will sell for a large price is to construct a business that is intended to last. He also notes that if you have your eyes fixed on the departure sign, then the business is not an adequate obsession for you.

5. He Is Always Gazing For Business Relationships for the Long Term

Cuban recommends businesses not to be too persistent on pressing the highest profit out of a solitary deal at the expense of the liaison with that customer. Actual value for a business is formed by maximizing the value of the client.

As Cuban indicates; business relations are erected over years, not on a solitary deal.

Leader with his successful team discussing in conference room

Business is about the relationships according to Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the classification of a hard working entrepreneur and basketball owner who isn’t scared to cease an opportunity. Learn how to implement some of his engaging success qualities and you might have what it takes to construct your own fortune.

How You Can Grow Your Small Business Using Paid and Organic Traffic from Google

So, you have a small business, but you’d in reality like to up your exposure on a miniature budget. Where to begin?

Paid advertising is certainly a fine place to start, although you have to work on long-standing, organic strategies also. Knowing what to search for and how to move towards it, will save you some grim headaches. There are a lot of choices for paid advertising currently. Should you use conventional standards like TV, radio, and print adverts, or search for innovative possibilities presented by online channels such as Google AdWords or Facebook.

Traffic from Google

Planning your digital strategy has several options

With all the alterations Google has been building, there’s a fine possibility your site’s organic traffic has been fluctuating. If you’ve detected a sturdy decline in organic traffic, it might be due to downbeat off-page or on-page aspects. Fortunately, many of these issues can be fixed. Following are some steps business owners need to take to grow their business.

Search Engine Optimization assists you achieve a higher rank in natural or organic search results

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the progression of attaining more traffic to your site by getting the site programmed and ranked well for queries relating to your merchandise, market or trade in the organic or natural search results.

These are the results Google and the search engines present on the left side of search results. In addition, SEO also assists to manage and establish how your website essentially emerges in search results. There are over 200 aspects search engines take into consideration when shaping how and where to rank your site, so SEO can be a fairly intricate field.

Google’s paid advertising platform known as Google Adwords

Google’s advertising and paid platform is known as Google Adwords. By means of Adwords, your company listing can be exhibited next to the natural search results when individuals look for precise keyword phrases in Google. A search result presented by Google Adwords is also known as PPC or Pay Per Click, because you compensate for each click made by a guest on one of your ads.

Adwords as opposed to SEO

It is usually advised to use a mixture of both Adwords and SEO to guarantee the utmost exposure for your company on the search results page. Whether you position in a top 3 ranking in the organic results, it is still recommended to use Adwords.

  • Adwords can be switched on or off instantaneously, while Search Engine Optimization takes longer to contact search results.
  • SEO typically takes longer than Adwords to reveal an outcome, but can assist you to rank first in Google for a quantity of key search terms. There’s no cost per click related with the organic search results though generally a tiny partial cost is necessary to sustain your search engine rankings.
  • Adwords virtually pledges your company will be exhibited in the search results. There are factually hundreds of ways individuals can look for you, your business or your goods and services. There’s no assurance you’ll position in the organic search results but you’re almost assured a ranking with Adwords

We have to all be conscious by now how crucial traffic is to a business – it is at the core of reaching more clients. Irrespective of what you are doing with your advertising efforts, at some point you have to center on driving as much people to your site as possible.


My Newest Passion Is Hunting. It’s A Sport Like No Other

As you know I love sports. I think sports are one of the most fascinating leisure activities you can do. There is so much to recommend sports to the average person.

Of course pursuing a good sport is a wonderful way to stay fit. Staying fit is extremely important to your health. It also helps keep your weight under control, and that isn’t easy either.

But there’s other advantages to sports as well. For instance playing a team sport is a great way to make some new social contacts and have fun with a good group of people. For instance I love cycling and cycling gets me out of about, keeping fit, and socializing with a great group of people.

However recently I have taken up a new sport and I absolutely love it. It is hunting.

For a long time I’ve been very keen on getting out into the backwoods going camping. My parents introduced me to camping many years ago when we lived in the Philippines and I’ve always enjoyed it and pursued an interest in camping ever since I moved to the US.

A while ago I was camping with some friends when we were visited by a group of local hunters. They were looking for a camping spot and stopped to have a chat with us about camping nearby, and eventually set up camp near us.

We all got together around the campfire that evening and had a good chat about hunting deer, and got friendly. The next day I went out with them on a day’s hunting and I was hooked. I’d never realized that hunting deer was so exciting.

It was an extraordinary day. We hunted the deer all day and finally bagged a deer in the afternoon. We pulled out a hunting knife and a knife sharpener and sharpened our knife and butchered the deer. We all had venison around the campfire that evening.

It was a wonderful day and I realized that I needed to learn more about hunting. I bought myself a hunting rifle, joined a club and started to learn.

There is so much to learn about hunting, I think I will probably spend the rest of my life learning about it. However I’ve now been on a number of hunting trips with some members of the club and I’ve had a wonderful time.

Of course I have to learn to shoot properly and so I’m spending plenty of time at the range learning to shoot straight. I’ve never fired a rifle before and so all of this is new to me and I’m finding it’s a fascinating process learning to fire a rifle properly. Of course you see it in the movies all the time but it isn’t nearly as easy as you’d expect from watching the movies.

So hunting is a completely new sport for me, and I’m loving it. I know I will keep at it from long time and I know will fascinate me for a long time. Whilst I love my other sports, including my cycling, I’m now setting aside more of my weekends to go hunting.